Android’s Factory Reset Doesn’t Totally Delete Your Stuff; Here’s How to Fix It


If you’re planning to sell or give away an old Android phone, be aware that a factory reset isn’t enough to safely wipe your data.

Security firm Avast reports that it’s possible to recover data from factory-wiped Android phones with the help of widely-available digital forensics tools. According to CNET, the firm purchased 20 Android phones on eBay and used various data extraction methods to recover e-mails, text messages and photos–including hundreds of nude male selfies.

“Although at first glance the phones appeared thoroughly erased, we were able to recover a lot of private data,” Avast wrote in its report.

Of course, Avast would like Android users to install the company’s security software, which is capable of performing a more thorough data wipe. But that’s not really necessary. As CNET points out, you can easily protect your data with Android’s built-in encryption tools just before getting rid of…

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