Chrome Show: Here comes Acer’s Bay Trail Chromebook


Intel’s(s intc) new chip cycle appears to be influencing new Chromebooks(s goog). While last year saw the release of many Chromebooks running on the Haswell processor, a new crop of devices is coming with Bay Trail chips that will bring better battery life but may sacrifice some performance. Acer appears ready to overhaul its aging C720 product line with new Bay Trail Chromebooks which will likely be less expensive.

We discuss the specs of the new device on this week’s podcast along with some other news such as a wireless Chrome keyboard and mouse bundle from HP. Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop gets Linux compatibility while Google Drive is looking better and Chromebooks may be getting native Chromecast support soon.

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Hosts: Janko Roettgers and Kevin C. Tofel

Acer’s next Chromebook leaks out with Bay Trail processor

HP(s hpq)…

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