How TEDxLuanda is helping to rewrite Angola’s next chapter, from civil war-torn state to innovation hub

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TEDxLuanda is the only event in the nation of Angola. Organizer Januario Jano (right) introduces the event with TK (left) TEDxLuanda is the only TEDx event in Angola and its theme always hinges on the country’s future. Organizer Januario Jano (on the right) co-hosts in 2013, introducing speakers on the theme “Connect the Dots.” Photo: Midan Studio

Luanda, the capital of Angola, is a city of stark contrasts. An oil-rich economy draws tons of wealthy expatriates to its center, while the very poor swarm around its outskirts. An antiquated government limps along as a young, educated and global-minded new guard begins to gain their foothold. Even the skyline is changing; everything’s growing upwards as skyscrapers of cement and glass replace flatlands. Memories of a civil war are still fresh, but the country also vibrates with a fusion of cultures— diverse African ethnic groups mixed with European and Latin American immigrants, and all of them speaking Portuguese.

With so much in flux, Luanda is in the midst of an identity crisis. Emerging from somewhere…

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